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Welcome to Stay Current


In Wake County, North Carolina, language arts teachers at the middle school level are expected to give formative, multiple choice reading assessments every three weeks called "Blue Diamond" tests.  These assessments measure a student's ability to handle reading tasks ranging from identifying main idea to determining an author's purpose. 


In order to incorporate reading instruction into the social studies curriculum and to get more immediate feedback about student strengths and weaknesses, two sixth grade teachers have decided to embed Blue Diamond style reading questions and skills into their daily current events lessons.  They are using this wiki to post links to current events that are connected to the social studies content that they are required to teach as well as questions that are aligned with the reading skills tested by each Blue Diamond assessment.


Teachers pull this webpage up each day during their current events lessons and ask students to answer the reading questions recorded here.  By doing so, teachers can see which skills students have mastered and which they need more practice with.  What's more, this wiki allows parents to become familiar with the kinds of reading tasks that students are expected to master and the kinds of reading questions they are expected to answer. 


Finally, students are asked to track their own performance on these reading questions by recording the types of questions that they answer correctly and the type of questions that they struggle with on this form:


Current Events Reading Log.doc 


Visit often, as new events studied and questions asked are added on a regular basis.


Blue Diamond Assessment 1


Blue Diamond Assessment 2


Blue Diamond Assessment 3


Blue Diamond Assessment 4


Blue Diamond Assessment 5


Blue Diamond Assessment 6


Blue Diamond Assessment 7


Blue Diamond Assessment 8


Blue Diamond Assessment 9 


Blue Diamond Assessment 10


Blue Diamond Assessment 11


Blue Diamond Assessment 12 

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